Beverage Boxes

Brand canned beverages in an economical way with our new Beverage Boxes. Use high-definition digital printing to help your product stand out!

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Choose Beverage Boxes to stand out on a crowded store shelf and make it easier for customers to carry canned beer, seltzer, hard cider, wine, kombucha, soda, and more. Six panels of full-color graphics give additional room to describe the contents, share brand information, add a pack size UPC code, and any required government warnings. Can carriers or wraps also ensure your graphics face forward instead of relying on the store to properly orient the cans in the cooler. Select either an auto-bottom with locking tab (AB) or partial overlap seal end (POSE) style box printed on 18-point wet strength recycled paperboard designed to meet the demands of cold and wet environments (it’s recyclable, too).

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