Knowledge Base

Fill in all of your company profile information.

    1. This will allow you to use merge tags and not have to constantly fill in information about your business.
    2. It also prepopulates your logo wherever you may need it

Load your contact list in the List Manager

  1. You can always have up to the amount of active contacts you subscribed to
  2. If someone unsubscribes, you CAN replace them with a new contact
  1. You should assign this to be the default template for your contact list(s)
  1. Choose your list from the drop down
  2. Select or upload the art you would like to use for the body of your email
  3. Enter your From line, Subject line, and link you want the art to click to
  4. Select your send date and time
  5. View a preview
  6. Approve or edit your broadcast
  1. Go to the calendar
  2. Hover over the broadcast in the list
  3. Click the send button
  1. After your broadcast has been sent to your list you will have access to analytics
  2. Click the # symbol
  3. Find your ad in the listings
  4. Click the eye icon


  • Logo: Can be loaded here or in the assets panel under logo
  • User Information
    Name: The primary account contact
    Phone: The direct number for the primary contact
    Email: The direct email for the primary contact
  • Company Information
    Company Name: Hopefully self explanatory
    Address: The company’s address
    Website: The company’s main website. It must include http://
    Phone: The company’s main contact number
    Company Email: The company’s primary email address
    Leads Email: The email address all inquiries should be sent
    Abstract: A brief about your company


  • Logo: Your company’s logo(s)
  • Ads
    • My Ads: The art that is used for your main email art
    • Safe Ads: Unbranded art files that are considered safe for end users
  • ePages: Catalogs and other pdf files you want to convert to a page turning, searchable format

Create Broadcast

  • List: The list of email addresses you are sending to
  • Has Custom HTML: The replaces the Select Main Art in your broadcast. HTML must be formatted with inline styles, and img src must begin with http://. All html above and including the <body> tag needs to be removed as does all html below and including the </body> tag.
  • Select Mail Art: Displays a listing of Ads you have loaded to your asset gallery
  • Has End User Art: Enables selection of Safe Ads. Displays a listing of Ads you have loaded to your asset gallery
  • Include Samples: If you have loaded products into the asset gallery and assigned them as being available for samples, you will see them listed here
  • Select Catalog Source: Select From Assets if you have loaded a pdf to the ePage asset gallery, Select URL link and enter the url of your catalog if you have not loaded your catalog into the assets gallery

From: Who the email appears to be coming from
Subject Line: The topic of your email
Landing Page: Where your main art links to
Send Proof for Approval: Check this box and add an email address is you would like to receive a proof of your broadcast.

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Submit Broadcast