Knowledge Base

Fill in all of your company profile information.

    1. This will allow you to use merge tags and not have to constantly fill in information about your business.
    2. It also prepopulates your logo wherever you may need it

Load your contact list in the List Manager

  1. You can always have up to the amount of active contacts you subscribed to
  2. If someone unsubscribes, you CAN replace them with a new contact
  1. You should assign this to be the default template for your contact list(s)
  1. Choose your list from the drop down
  2. Select or upload the art you would like to use for the body of your email
  3. Enter your From line, Subject line, and link you want the art to click to
  4. Select your send date and time
  5. View a preview
  6. Approve or edit your broadcast
  1. Go to the calendar
  2. Hover over the broadcast in the list
  3. Click the send button
  1. After your broadcast has been sent to your list you will have access to analytics
  2. Click the # symbol
  3. Find your ad in the listings
  4. Click the eye icon