Share contact details with a single tap

For people who want to make a great first impression. Tap and share your contact details, while gathering and marketing to your leads.

The DASHconnect Card – No App Needed.

NFC Chip

Tap your card on a phone and share your contact details without contact.

All-In-One Card

DASHconnect Card works better than a business card. Share your information and become a trusted contact.

Save on Costs

Remove a recurring line item from your expense sheet.

Personal Landing Page

Replace the paper business card with DASHconnect. Share your LinkedIn, Website, Phone Number, and Email instantly.

Gain An Edge

Impress potential customers,
clients and partners with the latest in networking technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do DASHconnect Cards work with my phone?

If you have a smartphone, the answer is almost certainly yes. All iPhones models XR and later (September 2018) and about 90% of the Android phones have NFC enabled.

What materials are DASHconnect cards made of?

Our cards are made of premium plastic called PET. PET can be recycled up to eight times. The chip inside is made of various materials and usually lasts for at least a few years.

How do DASHconnect cards work?

Every DASHconnect card has a chip inside that wirelessly sends your information to a phone. When you tap the card on a compatible phone, a contact field appears with all of your information automatically pre-populated. The owner of the phone just has to hit “save”.

Can I update the information on my DASHconnect card?

Yes. After we ship your card, you will receive an automated email with login instructions. In your account dashboard, you will be able to update your contact information whenever you’d like. Any changes you make are instantly applied to your card in real-time.

What is DASH?

Every DASHconnect Card includes a DASH Freemium account. Your DASH account give you access to email marketing, social media posting, catalog creation, and so much more at no additional charge.

Do you have a video?

Yes. Right here: Youtube

Is there a template for art?

Yes. Right here: Download

How the DASHconnect Card Works

    • Login to your account @
    • Walkthrough the DASH setup wizard
    • Update your DASH profile
    • Tap your DASHconnect Card to an NFC enabled device
    • Start Connecting

Pricing Is Simple
$15/card (a) with no minimums
Plus shipping & handling

What’s Included
NFC enabled card
2 sided full color printing
Instruction card
White envelope with clear window
Freemium DASH account

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